Welcome to The 1000 Families/1000 Black Millionaires Movement! 

I am so happy to have you join us and I can't wait to see you win. To see the success you desire you should be coachable as we have laid the foundation for your success! Please follow the steps listed below. But before that, here's my contact info:

Marnita Wiggins

757-876-3876 (Call or Text)

Instagram: @iamnitaj


- Be a product of the product and secure your monthly 120 Smartship (3 products). Set it and forget it.


- Join the 1000 Families Accountability group chat on telegram to connect with our amazing team!



Step 1: Follow the 10 CORE COMMITTMENTS


  1. Be a product of the product - on Smartship

  2. Setup direct links - instructional video below 

  3. Get Binary Qualified in 24-72hrs

  4. Post daily for profits 6-7x your new healthy lifestyle not just all TLC

  5. Decide to be consistent in at least 1 area of your business 

  6. Duplicate - teach others this process/go Director 

  7. Attend & Host events-never miss an event 

  8. Plug into @1000families on Instagram daily it’s your resource center 

  9. Commit to personal development & me-time 30 min/day 

  10. Demand more excellence from yourself - be better than you were the day before 


Step 2: Get your 2 people to get Binary Qualified

Step 3: Setup Your Linktree for Social Media

Step 4: Create your names list & get ready to launch


IMPORTANT: Training & Support 


8pm EST Opportunity Call - Go to @1000families on Instagram (Invite Guests)


8:30pm EST Monday Night Training Go to @1000families on Instagram


10pm EST Opportunity Call - Go to @1000blackmillionaires on Instagram (Invite Guests)


Tools to Show the business:


TLC Shift My Wealth


CBD Business


TLC Opportunity with Coach Stormy

How To Make Money in Total Life Changes - Compensation Plan in 5 Minutes


Please submit a photo, along with your full name/brand name for your welcome banner! Send it to


This will be one of the best seasons of your life. I am so EXCITED to work with you! Once you set up your Smartship, please schedule a one-on-one welcome call here: