How I Created My Own Lane In The Fashion Industry

October 31, 2019

This is going to be a very emotional post to write. It's sort of a full circle moment for me because after 10+ years, I finally created and launched something that I had been so passionate about, but I had gotten paralyzed with fear and never followed through.


Until this year.


This year has certainly been a year of self-reflection and I have welcomed every minute of it. With each moment of clarity, I was pushed further and further into a dream project which started out as a harsh rejection and a promise that I made to myself 10 years ago.


You may be aware that I started my entrepreneurial journey as a professional makeup artist. I found lots of success during my time in the industry; mainly because I got things poppin' way before the Instagram days. I built an amazing beauty business by straight hustling and it was wonderful. I worked for Ford Models, Vogue Italia, VH1, MAC Cosmetics, Jive Records, Smashbox and more, not to mention I got to travel all over the country, just beating faces and meeting awesome people.


The turning point in my career was when I had gotten to the point where I felt that I needed agency representation. I was having fun doing the job, however the business side of things can be a little hectic. I submitted my portfolio to just about every artist management agency I could think of and was rejected. I never got any notes as to why, but I was turned away. It hurt. I remember that I saved all of those 'NOs' in a folder in my email inbox as motivation to keep going. After the last rejection, I vowed that one day, I would start my own agency and help others in the industry. Only I was going to do things my way, and give more artists a chance.


Fast forward to 2019. After leaving the industry as a makeup artist and working in marketing for quite some time, I got an A-HA moment after talking with family and friends."Nita! You love helping others, you're great at marketing, and you've worked in the industry. START AN AGENCY!!!" This came from a friend who had no knowledge of the idea that popped into my head years ago. God has a funny way of showing up and telling you what you need to do!


I got to work. I researched. I reached out to connections I had made over the years. I registered my business. Boom. It's here.




I launched Motif Artists - a creative management agency representing artists all over the country, working to find or create opportunities for artists' growth. It's my baby. It's here and I'm so excited, and nervous, BUT HYPE!


I hope to take you on this journey with me. I'm building a team and working with some AMAZING creative's such a blessing. I'll be sharing lots of behind the scenes, too. Be sure to Follow Me on Instagram and Follow Motif Artists on Instagram as well.


Visit Motif Artists online at




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Hey, Hey! I'm Nita J - mom, serial entrepreneur, fashion industry professional, marketing & brand consultant, business, sales & social media strategist, blogger, and lover of all things beauty and makeup. I'm also obsessed with entrepreneurship, wellness, self-care and the notion of living your best life possible. Learn more about my story here.
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