Do you love juicing but want a quicker and cheaper alternative? Skip the grocery line and order this Total Juicing Kit!

Drink your nutrition, get your daily veggies, strengthen your immune system, increase your stamina, improve your energy, and get a gentle detox in the process.

Includes: 1 Month Supply of Iaso Instant Tea, 1 Month Supply of Phyte, 1 Month Supply of ImmuniTea, 1 Month Supply of Slim AM.

Best used with Nutraburst

Iaso Instant Tea: 
All-Natural Detox & Cleanse
Enjoy the benefits of the original Iaso Tea in an all-natural instant formula. This proprietary blend is equipped with three incredible, all-natural extracts, and Nutriose FM06 (a soluble dextrin fiber) to support a healthy appetite.*

Promotes digestive wellness.*
Supports the circulatory system.*
Encourages healthy intestines.*

A great way to increase your daily vegetables! Phyte is an alkalizing, plant-based powder loaded with whole foods and proprietary blends of certified organic Wheat Grass, Barley Grass, and Alfalfa Leaf.
Other nutrient-rich ingredients include Spirulina, Chlorella, Spinach Leaf, Nettle Leaf, Dandelion Leaf, and Beet Juice Powder.
Phyte also contains a proprietary fiber blend including Inulin, a prebiotic to support gastrointestinal health, Brown Rice Bran, and Apple Pectin to aid bowel regularity and colon health.

Elevate Your Defenses!

Immuni-Tea is a blend of vitamins and all-natural herbal extracts, like turmeric and Tulsi, that will help you feel your very best. So what can Immuni-Tea do for you?

Help regulate your digestive system*
Aid in boosting your body’s defenses*
Promote good gut bacteria, which may increase gut health*
Anti-inflammatory and antioxidant-rich ingredients may help your body adapt to stressors*
So rip, sip, and be ready for whatever life throws at you!

Slim AM:
Rise & Energize

Power up for your workout routine and start your day the positive way! Slim AM is a unique, high-quality supplement designed for overall health maintenance.* Our formula contains antioxidant and anti-inflammatory components, and pharmaceutical grade L-Arginine. Drink up and get moving! Contains amino acids, antioxidants, and folic acid. Eye - opening raspberry flavor.*

Amino acids promote natural growth hormones.*
Antioxidants support cell integrity and repair.*
Folic acid encourages new cell growth.*

Total Juicing Kit



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