What To Do When You Need a Quick Boost of Momentum In Your Business

Updated: Nov 19, 2019

Today's Daily Vibe comes from a question that I received in my inbox this morning:

What can I do when things are slow in my business? I need to create some momentum.

As business owners, we all have probably gone through a season where we just aren't seeing any results. There are many different reasons that this can happen but common reasons are seasonal (depending on your business and industry), a need for better marketing strategy, or brand confusion and messaging.

There are quite a few things that you can do if you need a quick boost of momentum in your business, which can lead to more exposure and sales. One thing that has worked for me in times like these is simply creating and offering something new, valuable and intriguing.

This doesn't mean that you have to create a whole new product or write a whole book. Content such as a new blog post, podcast episode, freebie,guide,etc. - something that gets your audience to engage again.

For example: I recently created a Free Personal Brand Workbook. It took me about an hour to create. I know this is something that my audience needs and wants, so to offer it for free was beneficial for everyone. I got about 200 new email signups in just 3 days. With this came 12 new consultation bookings and 6 new clients in less than a week, just by sharing this freebie on social media and with my current email list. All this from something new and valuable that I wanted to create and give to others.

Create something new asap! Share something valuable. Offer something that is needed.

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Nita J

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