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Life Lately: Business, Wellness, Mindset

So.. it's been a while. And if I'm being honest, I had been feeling extremely uninspired in my life. I took some time to try to figure out what was the cause of my feelings and why I had become so inconsistent and unmotivated in my life and especially in my businesses. I did beat myself up about for a while, but I have decided to give myself the grace that I so freely give to others.

The truth is: I really enjoy blogging, and creating content, and working with clients. After further review, I feel that since I was being so hard on myself, and being so inconsistent with these things, that I was a little embarrassed and ashamed; and I didn't want to half-ass when it came to all of those things. So instead of trying, I just stopped.

I'm going to be discussing this more in an upcoming episode of my podcast. But I will say that I have been in a real state of calm otherwise. I work remotely and I have been enjoying my role at this company, and I started my wellness/weight loss journey a few weeks ago. I think that calmness and trickled over to other aspects of my life and I've just been chillin'.


I have always been one of those overachievers who has these massive goals and astronomical ideas, which is a characteristic that I really like about myself. However, since I am that overachiever, I'm also a bit of a perfectionist. What has slowed me down a bit over the last few months is that I have these ideas, but fear of imperfect execution; so instead I opt to not put out what I perceive to be something that might fail. It's a vicious cycle that tends to hinder me in business, but I recognize it and I am working on it. Can you relate to this? Or am I the only one who's dealing with this?


One thing that I have been super proud of is my current wellness journey. I have really been focusing on taking care of my mind and body over the last few months. Physically, I have been hitting the gym, lifting, and challenging myself more than I have in quite some time. I have also been eating better, learning more about healthy foods and supplements, and just overall just enjoying this process. I'll be sharing the supplements that have been aiding my wellness journey is an upcoming blog post, but until then, click here for some of my faves.


I have really been amping up my mental toughness. As you know, mindset is very important as an entrepreneur... well, as a human in general. Existing is tough, and we don't always have a handle on our mental wellness, but we should do what we can. I have been reading a lot more and listening to more podcasts that will feed my mind in a more positive way (I still listen to my true crime podcasts, but not as much!). Here's a list of books that I plan to read over the next few months.

I'm slowly starting to get re-motivated again, and finding some inspiration. What are some steps that you take to get back on track?


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