Life + Business Journal - July 2021

So I’m doing something new here on my blog. I want to share my monthly plans and goals so that you all can get a first hand view on how I operate - and also, hold me accountable. Here's how I'm hoping July will go:

Personal Development

This month, I really want to get back on my grind when it comes to reading. I used to read so much, but lately I have really been slacking. Here are a few books that I have set for this month:

I'm also going to be doing more journaling and reflecting as I work through my day to day life.


I've really been on an health and wellness kick that I hope to continue. I'll be walking/jogging at least 2 miles everyday and tracking my calorie intake using MyFitnessPal. Some of the workout apps that I use are Treadmill Workout, Nike Training and MapMyFitness.

I'll hoping to choose better options when it comes to my food. I've been doing better but there's always room for improvement.


June was the month of 'bounce back' for me in my businesses. You can read more about this here on my blog - Read more: Finding The Love For Your Business Again After Burnout.

Here's what I hope to accomplish for this month:


I’ll be traveling to Atlanta, GA July 17-18 (and of course I booked my trip through Motif Travel Group)

What do you have going on for the month? What are your goals? Let me know in the comments!

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Hey, you!

So hype that you're here. Learn more about me and what I do here. I hope to connect with you! XO - Nita J


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