How to Quickly Build Your Audience on Social Media

Updated: Jun 18

Want to know the most-asked questions that I get almost on a daily basis? "Nita, how do I get more followers on social media?" "How do I get more likes?" I want to break a few things down as easily as possible and hopefully it helps you to further grow your empire online.

First of all, followers and likes are not what's important! We're made to think that if you have less than 10K followers on Instagram than you're not as good an entrepreneur than you say you are and that you shouldn't get much attention or something. Please get this out of your head! In my opinion, the most important components when building your audience are your story, authenticity, quality content, value, consistency and engagement. These are the things that will actually help you to grow online and get you sales, and you don't have to have a million followers to win.

Your Story: Before you can truly serve your audience, and before they can trust you enough to consistently buy from you or engage with you, they need to KNOW you. You need to get really good at telling your story and sharing what you're passionate about. This helps you to become more relatable to your target audience and it will be a lot easier to have business conversations. I have shared my story so much, that the bulk of my audience is exactly like me. Why? Because these are the individuals that relate to me the most and can feel me on a whole different level.

Authenticity: This is everything. Being truthful and transparent will further help you to connect with others. People can tell when you're not being authentic. Don't get caught up boo!

Quality Content: You could have the most intriguing story in the world and have the capability to impact so many, but if you aren't showing this in the quality of your content, then you are doing yourself and your audience a HUGH disservice. What do I mean by content? Your blog posts, Instagram posts and captions, podcast episodes, emails, freebies, products, etc. Basically anything that you are putting out there to showcase who you are and what it is that you do. Your amazing message will get lost in lame overly recycles meme, blurry photos, surveillance camera-esque videos and incorrect spelling. Be careful! Let the quality of your content reflect your brand and how dope you are.

Value: So now that you have your authentic story and quality content ready to go, it all MUST be value packed! This is extremely important. Is your content helping others? Is it getting your audience excited about your brand? Is it aligned with what you are hoping to accomplish? Be sure that everything that you put out is something that your audience will find useful. Otherwise, they'll start to feel like "why am I even following this chick? *clicks unfollow*"

Consistency: The quickest way to NOT grow your audience online is to not post consistently. Your job is to keep your audience hype and engaged, and that won't really happen if you're posting once or twice a week, especially with these dumb algorithms on these platforms nowadays (by the way, posting more helps you to get seen more, despite the algorithms.) I encourage you to post SOMETHING at least once a day. If you don't have enough content to do that, repost and repurpose things until you do.

Engagement: Now that we have all of those components in place, let's get some engagement going! This means actually interacting with the people who are showing interest in what you're offering. I see it all the time - folks post things and then disappear online for days, missing out on comments and such. These are definitely missed opportunities. Reply to comments, like posts of others, follow others, support others, etc. In my experience, I get more love if I show love, which I have absolutely no problem with because I LOVE chatting with my followers. And again, the more engagement there is, the more you can beat algorithms and be seen and noticed more.

Let's do more to reach more people, build big brands and bigger audiences. What are your questions about building your digital audience? Leave them in the comments below. Don't forget to click here to learn how we can work together.

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