Are You Doing Enough?

This is not a post to bash you or make you feel bad for not being where you want to be. It's really to get you to think. You don't have to answer this question out loud, but really ask yourself and do the internal work in order to answer it:

Are you doing enough?

I often have to stop and ask myself if i'm doing everything that I need to do to make things happen. I'll be honest; I get comfortable. I get settled in routines that aren't the best. I chill. But then I have to humble myself and face reality. I could DEFINITELY be doing more.

Sometimes we can talk ourselves into thinking that we are doing our absolute best, and then become frustrated when we aren't seeing the results that we desire, especially in business.

If you are doing what you can and you feel that you are doing your best right now, stick to it and stay consistent! You can also see if you could create a new strategy within the realm of your own abilities for the time being. Sometimes we have to take an alternate path to get to our destination and that's completely fine.

However, if this post has you thinking and questioning whether you're doing enough, and you know that you could absolutely be doing more, MAKE A PLAN AND GET TO WORK.

Whether it's working out for an extra 10 minutes a day, putting more effort into marketing your business, putting away an extra $20 each week into that savings it. If you want more for yourself, you have to find a way to either do more, or switch some things up to make it happen.

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Nita J

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