3 Ways To Crack The Instagram Algorithm & Increase Engagement

So 2020 is coming to a close and Instagram still has this raggedy algorithm that's jacking everything up; especially for those of us who run our businesses on the platform. This algorithm will cause your posts to go unseen, low engagement, less likes and possibly a decrease in leads and sales.

Now you'll see many different strategies and methods as to how to get around this crazy predicament; like posting 37 times a day, going live 24 times a day (even when you don't have anything to talk about), etc. - and honestly, I encourage you to feel them out and see what works for you. I'll share with you a couple of things that I have learned over the last couple of months.

Engage BEFORE you post.

Before you post your dope selfie or other amazing content, take about 5 to 10 minutes showing love to others. By this, I mean simply scrolling your feed and liking and commenting on other posts. When leaving a comment, don't just leave a quick emoji or 'lol'; really engage and leave a meaningful and relevant comment. This helps to put you on your followers' feeds more so that your content is more visible. It also gives your followers a chance to click on your profile to see what you have going on, because let's face it, they probably haven't seen your posts in a while (damn algorithm *rolls eyes*).

Take this a step further and use this same technique on posts in the Explore section. These may be posts of people you aren't following, so you might connect with new and potential followers and clients this way.

Use Stories & Reels, A LOT.

Video content is the best type of content for social media; that's just the way it is. The algorithm latches on to video much easier, so the more video that you are posting, the better chance you have of increasing your visibility and engagement on social media. Here are a few things that you can do besides being on IG Live all day.

Stories are fun and inviting for your audience, and there is a bit of urgency here since they disappear in 24 hours (this is why Snapchat got so big so quickly, and then Instagram stole the idea lol.) Also, every time you post a story, you move to the front of the line of stories that your IG friends have posted; again increasing your visibility. So post these like crazy. Get creative. Show things like your personal life, family, behind the scenes of your business, quotes, funny memes, mini-vlogs, etc. Really use these to showcase your brand and personality. Be sure to play around and utilize all of the cool features with your stories, such as Boomerangs, filters, music, polls, questions, quizzes, etc. Use these tactics for your reels as well.

Captivating Captions

Your captions matter. Images are great and video is spectacular, but captions give your content life. Of course, you'll want to make sure that what you post is relevant and of good quality. You also MUST be sure that you are using your captions to provide value, share your thoughts/feelings, showcase your expertise, and giving calls to action. The algorithm likes slightly longer, meatier captions, so take your time and write something great. You don't have to write a 500 word essay under your post, but 1 sentence might not cut it.

Try these 3 strategies out consistently for a couple weeks and let me know how it works out. Do you need help with creating a Instagram strategy for your business? You can book a consultation with me here.


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