3 Self-Care Tips For Busy Entrepreneurs

Now, more than ever, it's so important to take care of yourself as you're building your empire. I strongly believe that taking care of yourself is the foundation to the success of your business and brand. In my experience, it may be difficult to maintain the necessary focus and motivation for entrepreneurship if you're lacking in your mental, emotional, physical and even spiritual wealth. You may also find it a daunting task to adequately serve your clients and customers. This all takes a certain level of energy.

Here are 3 self-car tips that have really helped me to keep my sanity:

  1. Investing more energy into my favorite hobbies - Sometimes as entrepreneurs, we can focus so much on business that we forget to do the things that we love. I sat down a thought about some of the hobbies that I really enjoyed but hadn't done as much. I scheduled time to make conscious efforts to do more of them. This really energized me and made me happy.

  2. Rearranging my schedule - This is very important. I used to be on ALL the time. This can lead to burnout very quickly. I rearranged things so that I wasn't as accessible and hands-on in my business all the time. For example, I only take consultations on certain days if the week, and only within a small block of time on those days. Also, my Sundays are dedicated to rest and recharging for the week, so my calendar is closed for that day.

  3. Taking care of my health - I truly believe that your health is your wealth and the foundation to just about everything else that is happening in life, including running a business. When I'm feeling my best inside and out, I can be a better businesswoman for my clients. I notice that when I'm eating better, resting better, consistently taking my wellness supplements, an exercising, I have more focus, mental clarity, and I am much more motivated to get stuff done.

What are some things that you do to maintain great self-care? Let me know if the comments.

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